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Alexis Officer, Owner + Registered Physiotherapist

Being thrown fresh out of school into the practice of physiotherapy can be overwhelming on the best of days. Human beings are complex, and there is so much to know about injury, movement, the brain and the body. As a rookie physio, I felt like what I didn't know far outweighed what I had learned in school. The human body is a mysterious machine.


These days, I am more comfortable with knowing what I don't know.

As a new graduate you have the basic knowledge and skills in your tool-box, but the learning process doesn't stop there. In order to continue growing as a physiotherapist it takes a true commitment to lifelong learning, curiosity, self-reflexion, the continual honing of observation and clinical reasoning skills, and a little humility to admit you don't always have all the answers.  

After working in the field of physiotherapy for 10 years, and experiencing a variety of health care settings (including intensive care, multicultural community health centre, family health team, multiple private practices) I felt like something was missing from my career path. I longed to run a practice in a way that aligned with my own values, interests and skill set. 


When the idea of opening Art + Science in Smiths Falls came up, I took the plunge. My dream was to offer healing services with a less clinical feel...a calming, safe and supportive environment that offers our clients the time and space to connect, be heard and build trusting and collaborative relationships with our therapists. I am proud to be here, serving this community since March, 2018.

I believe that it is a science to practice evidence-based physiotherapy, and it is an art to combine the best techniques and approaches for the maximum benefit of each unique individual.

I do what I do to fix your injuries, but what really interests and motivates me is to inspire you to set the course of your lifelong movement story. To give you the knowledge, the tools and inspiration to live life to the fullest by learning to move more and move better.  

- Alexis Officer, Owner + Physiotherapist

Alexis Officer is a Registered Physiotherapist and clinic owner. She has a strong movement science background with a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph (2004) and Master of Science in Physiotherapy from McMaster University (2007). She has completed post-graduate clinical training in Manual Therapy, AFCI Acupuncture/Dry needling, Mulligan Mobilization with Movement, and Soft Tissue Release Techniques. Alexis has published several research papers in peer-reviewed journals on the topic of physical functioning in individuals with chronic health conditions. As an experienced Stott Pilates Instructor trained in Mat Work, Reformer and Caddillac, Alexis uses therapeutic movement to reconnect the mind and body. With over 12 years of experience, she has developed expertise in helping individuals of all fitness levels improve their movement and form a deeper connection between their mind and body. She lives her family just outside of Smiths Falls — her husband’s hometown. When she's not working with clients in her studio, you can find her barefoot, chasing her three kids, working or playing outdoors and enjoying the beautiful Ottawa valley.

'The Art + Science approach creates a synergy between mind and body where movement is the key ingredient to help you improve your physical wellness. Whether we chose manual therapy techniques, therapeutic movement, Pilates exercises, acupuncture or massage therapy; our approach with each person is individually tailored. While our methods with each client may vary, our goal remains the same: not only to fix your injury, but to support you on a path to even better movement.'

- Alexis Officer, Owner + Physiotherapist

Lindsay Beveridge

Registered Massage Therapist

About Lindsay

Lindsay graduated from Algonquin College as a Registered Massage Therapist (2015). She has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from Thompson River University/University of Ottawa. She has undergone extensive training in Acupuncture from McMaster University Medical Acupuncture Program. She uses a variety of techniques and treatments with her clients including deep tissue release, cupping, athletic taping and therapeutic exercise prescription. Lindsay has experience working with athletes at the University of Ottawa as well as clients with a variety of challenging health conditions at the Ottawa General Hospital.


Lindsay is an athlete herself, having competed for many years in figure skating. She has experienced her fair share of injuries and knows first-hand how important it is to have a support team in place for the road to recovery. These days, you can find her living in Ottawa and giving 100% on and off the competitive soccer field.

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