You may be able to ignore your pain. But that doesn't mean you should.

Pain is a messenger, and your body is trying to tell you something.


If pain or stiffness are stopping you from participating in life, 

physiotherapy can get you back to doing more of what matters...

playing with your grandkids, dancing with your loved one, growing your garden, walking your fur baby, enjoying a tournament with your team.


Whether it's years of persistent pain, a niggling sports injury, daily stiffness, or a recent car accident... we’ll help lead you on the path to recovery.


We know the process can be overwhelming. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Running Shoes

Joint, muscle, and nerve pain

Prenatal or postpartum issues

Traumatic injuries

Repetitive strain injuries

Decreased mobility

Balance difficulties and falls

Pre/post surgical rehabilitation

Neuromuscular impairments

We have experience working with complex conditions. You are in good hands.



We design a specialized exercise program for you. We are trained to modify exercises to your specific needs, taking in to consideration your overall health. 

What can you expect at each treatment?

A calming environment.

Our one-on-one attention.


Your concerns to be heard and addressed.

Child Physiotherapy
  • Therapeutic taping: support injured tissue with tape to help remind the brain to control the movement of joints after injury.

  • Acupuncture: an ancient Chinese medicine that restores blood flow and decreases swelling. Fine needles are inserted into specific points help to calm the nervous system and kickstart the healing process.

  • Dry needling: fine needles are inserted into tense or injured muscles to relieve pain/tension and promote healing.

  •  Manual therapy: hands-on techniques that help stiff joints move more freely, restore flexibility and relieve pain.

  • Therapeutic movement: gentle exercises that relieve pain, build strength, and move the body in harmony from head to toe.

  • Pilates-based strengthening exercises: build core strength, flexibility, and optimal alignment using the principles of Pilates.

  • Active release and soft tissue techniques: relieve tension in your muscles and fascial system through hands-on massage.


We use a blend of techniques tailored to 

your needs.

Wondering if physiotherapy is right for you?

We offer complimentary consultations.


We want to sit down with you to discuss your concerns face to face. You have our undivided attention.