Clinical Pilates


activate your core


mobilize your spine


align your posture

reconnect your mind and body

Pilates activates the deepest muscles that give your joints stability.

It's like shoring up the foundation of your home.


You will develop mobility, which is flexibility but with strength and control. 

Pilates uses mindful movement to rewire the brain. Your brain can then learns how to recover from pain, and improve movement efficiency and performance. You will feel more powerful and connected

from head to toe.

Pilates is for everyone. 


People of all ages and levels of physical fitness can experience the life-changing effects of Pilates. We start right where you are and teach you step by step how to use the principles of Pilates to move more effectively. Pilates can be slow and gentle, or challenging and intense.


Please don't feel intimidated. Our priority is to make sure you feel comfortable.

Ready to experience a deeper level of mind-body connection?

Meet for a private session where our instructors will walk you through your first Pilates experience, tailored to you. We will work one-on-one with you to refine your movements to progress towards your goals. Start out on the mat, or experience the Pilates Reformer, state of the art equipment that allows you to gently but effectively activate the deepest muscles, engaging, balancing and aligning the body from head to toe.




Join us for a Pilates Mat Class, where we value that each person has different levels of experience. We want to welcome you into a community where the emphasis is placed on moving at your own pace. You will have plenty of opportunity for individual guidance and we’ll modify the practice for your personal level of fitness and strength.


Please note: During COVID-19 Pilates Mat Classes are offered virtually. Please contact us for more details.  




Did you know? 

Coverage for Pilates is available through Physiotherapy Extended Health Benefits.